CSA Box, Free Choice

CSA Box, Free Choice




If you haven't heard about CSA's, it is simply a subscription service to obtain local, healthy, seasonal produce harvested directly from our fields!


We are on a small, unique piece of property growing a wide variety of delicious foods including (but not limited to) strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, eggplant, root vegetables, lettuces, greens, and culinary/medicinal herbs. On occassion, if we are lacking due to inclement weather, we will supplement our boxes with seasonal produce from other farmers--ALL Virginia local!


The box will be filled with produce at a current price point which we will determine based on market retail value. If for some reason we are forced to ever skip a week, this date will then be added back at the end of the season.


Our growing season can be long in this part of the state, but unpredictable. We will ensure that we will compensate if Mother Nature decides to throw us a curve ball over the Summer season. We guarantee you will always get the nutrient content for your money with our sustainable food and healthy soil practices!




Free Choice option is for the single eater, small family or traveler. This option allows you to come and pick out your weekly vegetables yourself using a pre loaded card when it is convenient for you. Receive an EXTRA 10% in credit for free when you reload your share card mid-season!




Free Choice Members can shop anytime during retail or market business hours.


NOTE: Our retail space is open:

Fridays from 11a - 4p

Saturdays from 10a - 3p

Sundays from 10a - 2p




Farmhouse Brewery - 1805 Kempsville Road

  • Payment Information

    The total amount is due upon submission of your Membership Agreement and Sign-up Form. Payment is accepted either in-person at our retail shop, or online via credit card.

    Free Choice subscribers sign-up and pay by March 22, 2020 will receive a 25$ credit as a thank you!

    Price does not include online processing fees incurred, if you choose to purchase via our website.

    Your payment up-front enables us to contiue farming. We want to thank you for investing in our success!



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